Join Us

We are a nonprofit public service organization staffed by unpaid volunteers who share a common desire to help Chinese women thrive in the U.S.

If you love Chinese and US culture, and have a keen interest in self growth and serving Chinese women living in the US, you are welcome to join us!

We offer below volunteer positions: 

  1. Editors: Explore, identify and edit useful information to help Chinese women living in the U.S.
  2. Reporters: Interview inspiring Chinese women and write their story to share with readers; investigate and explore and introduce opportunities to help Chinese women grow in the US.
  3. Translators: English to Chinese; Chinese to English.
  4. Web designer: Design and maintain You May website and e-newsletter.
  5. Marketing Executive: Promote You May magazine throughout different channels across U.S. and China.

What you will get in return:

  • The joy and satisfaction of using your ‘pen power’ to help others;
  • Grow together with a startup nonprofit;
  • Build your social network and work experiences in the US;
  • Get to know inspiring Chinese women living in the U.S. and other like-minded individuals;

If you are interested, please send your resume to

Current active volunteers : 
Joecy Wu
Before moving to the U.S., Joecy worked in corporate communications for eight years. Her passion is to create. Her past projects include cofounding Yu Yin Tang, the oldest underground live music house in Shanghai; writing children’s books, and consulting with small businesses on branding and employee motivation.

Yi Han
From Hangzhou, China, Yi lived in Berlin Germany for three year before moving to US in 2004. She graduated from Northwood University in Michigan with an MBA degree and has extensive experience in global project management, marketing and communications. She loves pottery and photography.

Francesca Tang
Francesca immigrated to the U.S. in 2013 with a degree in Translation at the University of Hong Kong. Although warned she would find life in western countries to be boring and tasteless, Francesca believes in building a vibrant and colorful life no matter where she lives.

Other volunteers contributed to You May: 
Liying Qian
Liying is currently studying double majors in Journalism and Economics at the Missouri School of Journalism, while also working in several news agencies and organizations both on and off campus. Liying is determined to take the challenges of living in the U.S. while pursuing her dream to become a journalist.

Ellie Zhu
From Shanghai University to Missouri School of Journalism, later New York University, Ellie never stops pursuing her dream in journalism. She is a self-taught designer and web producer, now embark on her journey to become a female programmer in the media worlds.

Ronan Gao
As Beijing native, Ronan graduated from Renmin University of China and had several years of apprenticeship in CCTV – China’s most influential Television broadcaster. In 2013, he quitted his job, and came to New York University to learn everything about digital media. Now he works for a media company in New York, using camera to bring story alive.

Yipeng Su
Yipeng Su used to be a mathematical economics student in Fudan University and now is studying public policy in NYU. Yipeng has a strong interest in social issues and has been exploring the relationship between people and society by way of academic research, journalism, NGO management and artwork. She dreams of producing a strong documentary about people.

Mufan Guo
Mufan is a food scientist, yet a  foodie who’s passionate about writing. She believes the power of a pen has equal,  or maybe more impact on human’s thoughts and life than the power of science. She would like to fight for women’s right in this “men’s world” using her pen and science.

Linly is now studying business reporting and convergence journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism. She worked as a business model analyst for media groups and as a reporter in China, Mexico and the U.S. She finds journalism the perfect way to express herself.

Yuting Jiang
Currently studying at the Missouri School of Journalism, Yuting Jiang has a passion for literature and writing to unveil the reticent beauty of humanity. She aspires to explore the marvelous world of the human heart as a magazine writer and chief editor.

Cecelia Zheng
Cecelia is an undergraduate at the Missouri School of Journalism. Although initially lost as a newcomer to the U.S, she survived with help from others and now is enjoying giving back by managing a student residency and teaching a class on integration.

Crystal Duan
Crystal is studying journalism at the University of Missouri and plan to pursue long form journalism in magazines like TIME and The Atlantic. She is building her Chinese language skills in the hope to better share her view as a Chinese-American to Chinese women immigrants.