Finding New Self

The Right Time and Place to Meet Mr Right


YouMay Published in 2020-09-29

How do you meet someone especially during Covid-19? In the Chinese and American dating scene, it appears that there are more single women th...

You May Photography Workshop

YouMay Published in 2019-12-03

We had our first photography Workshop Nov.24,2019 in Midland MI! Many thanks to our awesome instructor @Patricia Kahi who taught us how to t...

The Valuable Job with No Pay

YouMay Published in 2019-11-21

Two Chinese immigrants living on opposite sides of the planet faced a similar challenge of restarting their lives in new cultures. They bega...

Using Words to Touch Your Soul


YouMay Published in 2019-08-06

Once a lost soul in China, Jenny rediscovered herself and her love of writing after immigrated to the US, and later became a published relig...