Special Column

Do you see “Change” a friend or enemy?

YouMay Published in 2021-10-25

Here is a challenging riddle for you. Look around you. What one thing do they all have in common?  The weather, your child, your job, y...

Gratefulness amid Coronavirus


YouMay Published in 2020-04-16

It was not a good way to start a new decade with all the worrying news concerning a new virus allegedly originating from Wuhan, China. As th...

Priceless Gift of Being Bilingual


YouMay Published in 2019-02-26

You May: After arriving in the U.S., we found it difficult to motivate ourselves to learn English; and later as our life settled in the U.S....

Understand Culture Shock


YouMay Published in 2018-11-23

Culture Shock Hit Them Hard One chilly September morning, I drove to the university campus housing to check on a group of five Chinese young...

How to write a complaint email effectively


YouMay Published in 2018-06-29

Life does not always go the way you want. What will you do if you receive bad service at a restaurant or you are unhappy with a product? You...

Socialize in the U.S. Library


YouMay Published in 2015-01-13

Being new in the U.S., immigrants such as me often find it difficult to discover social activities that suit us. In the summer of 2012, the ...