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The Secret to Adapting to Change(Part 3)


YouMay Published in 2022-02-11

At one point in our children’s lives, we enjoyed raising Shetland Sheepdogs. Skye and Lad gave us several litters of adorable puppies. Then,...

Adapting to Change ( Part 2 )

YouMay Published in 2022-02-03

A year ago, Rana, one of my ESL students from the Middle East, appeared at my door with a lovely green Money Plant in her hand. Af...

Do You See “Change” a Friend or Enemy?


YouMay Published in 2021-10-25

Here is a challenging riddle for you. Look around you. What one thing do they all have in common?  The weather, your child, your job, your n...

Gratefulness amid Coronavirus


YouMay Published in 2020-04-16

It was not a good way to start a new decade with all the worrying news concerning a new virus allegedly originating from Wuhan, China. As th...

Priceless Gift of Being Bilingual


YouMay Published in 2019-02-26

You May: After arriving in the U.S., we found it difficult to motivate ourselves to learn English; and later as our life settled in the U.S....

Understand Culture Shock


YouMay Published in 2018-11-23

Culture Shock Hit Them Hard One chilly September morning, I drove to the university campus housing to check on a group of five Chinese young...

How to write a complaint email effectively


YouMay Published in 2018-06-29

Life does not always go the way you want. What will you do if you receive bad service at a restaurant or you are unhappy with a product? You...

Socialize in the U.S. Library


YouMay Published in 2015-01-13

Being new in the U.S., immigrants such as me often find it difficult to discover social activities that suit us. In the summer of 2012, the ...