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You May Photography Workshop

YouMay Published in 2019-12-03

We had our first photography Workshop Nov.24,2019 in Midland MI! Many thanks to our awesome instructor @Patricia Kahi who taught us how to t...

The Valuable Job with No Pay

YouMay Published in 2019-11-21

Two Chinese immigrants living on opposite sides of the planet faced a similar challenge of restarting their lives in new cultures. They bega...

What Do Americans Wear in Winter?


YouMay Published in 2015-05-14

Within ten minutes, Nancy was already sweaty, her cheeks flushed red from the heat: the long underwear she usually wore in China was smother...

Deal With U.S. Emergency Room


YouMay Published in 2014-05-15

Yichun Zhao still clearly remembers the emergency room experience she had a year ago. Now, Yichun is working in financial management in a ho...

Boost Your Career by Helping Others


YouMay Published in 2014-04-23

Writer:Tom Tarnowski The U.S. nonprofit sector includes many large, established and well-run organizations that improve life in the communit...

Magic Dishwasher


YouMay Published in 2014-04-22

Many typical Americans like me grew up using a dishwasher. We believe these machines are the normal way to clean dishes, silverware and cook...