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Special Column Writer: Francesca Tang

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Francesca received her degree in Translation at the University of Hong Kong. She immigrated to the U.S. in 2013 and currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. She enjoys making friends with people from different countries. Despite being told how boring and tasteless it is to live in the Western countries, Francesca believes people can enjoy a vibrant and colorful life wherever they are, as long as they find the right way.

Special Column Writer—Marc and Angel

Marc and Angel Chernoff are New York Times bestselling authors, professional coaches and have been recognized by Forbes as having “one of the most popular personal development blogs.” attracted over 200 million page views and 200 thousand subscribers since its inception in 2006.Their New York Times bestselling book:'Getting Back to Happy: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, and Turn Your Trials into Triumphs' shares never-before-published stories and strategies to show how to harness the power of daily rituals, mindfulness, self-care to shift our perspective—and our actions—in order to become our happiest and most effective selves. It’s available for now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Sandy Kope

‘You Ask, Sandy Answers’ is a column made by joint effort from You May and Kope with Learning. Sandy Koop is the found of Kope with Learning, she provides English language and culture trainings to people from different culture background. Her students includes expatriate family and international students who come to work and study in the U.S. With more than decades teaching experience, Sandy understands the culture and language challenges and difficulties from the newly arrivals. If you have any English language or culture related question, please send it to email.(Kope with Learning email)