Walk out of the darkness and live like a rainbow Urgent Call for Suicide Concerns

Urgent Call for Suicide Concerns

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM) in the United States. Every Stats has some activities to raise awareness of suicide for all walks of life.

According to the World Health Organization, the suicide rate for men in the United States is 10 percent higher than that of women. In addition, the suicide rate in big cities is much higher than in smaller towns. Coupled with the lax gun control in the United States, many people choose to end their lives with pistols, which is too easy and sad to see.

Mental health is never easy for Chinese people to discuss, not to mention suicide. However, suicide is a significant public health issue in the United States; frankly, there are more public resources to help those in need.

If your friend or your family member has the following symptoms, they are more prone to suicide:

• Self-isolation, no socialization

• Sudden deterioration in academic or work performance

• Gave up things that they like

• Directly or indirectly revealing plans to commit suicide

As a family member or friend, you can:

• Call 988 for them, the US 24/7 suicide emergency hotline

• Understand why they are suicidal

• Listen actively to their needs

• Speak encouragingly, don’t be harsh on them

• Tell them they are not alone; many people are willing to help

If you find that they have a definite arrangement or plan for suicide, e.g., talking about days, you must escalate your actions and ask their family doctor for help. When the situation is critical, please consider calling 911.

In 2 weeks, I will be going on a suicide prevention walk with friends. I hope to use the donations and my footsteps to help the families who lost loved ones to suicide walk out of the darkness and live like a rainbow.

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