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  • Each year, a growing number of Chinese women coming the US, hoping to realize their American dreams, but they struggle to adjust to U.S.culture, and suffer with feeling lost. You May magazine was created to address these issues.
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Understand Culture Shock

Publish:11/23/2017   Section: Culture Shock

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Publish:01/18/2015   Section: Giving Back
We are working on the 2nd issue, we need funding to cover the co... ...

Restart Career with Immigrant Plac

Publish:04/21/2014   Section: Moving Forward
Lin’s job search began shortly after she immigrated to Philadelp... ...

Church, the Soul Harbor for Chines

Publish:04/20/2014   Section: Settling In
A Chinese-American church is a safe haven for immigrants seeking... ...

Deal With U.S. Emergency Room

Publish:05/14/2014   Section: Urgent Aid
You need to know far more than you think when it comes to emerge... ...

What Do Americans Wear in Winter?

Publish:05/14/2014   Section: Culture Shock
A lot of Chinese immigrants do not understand the clothing sty... ...

Francesca Tang
Why was My Photo Exhibited in a U.S. University Art Gallery?
She was not a professional photographer, she had been in the US f... ...
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